Fight Dry Skin

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Last Updated (Monday, 10 January 2011 10:33)

 Fight Dry Skin

Dry skin can be a minor annoyance or for some, a chronic medical condition. With the dry and cold winter air, most of us experience some form of dry skin during this season. For those with minor skin irritation and dryness, there are basic things you can do to protect your skin without spending a lot of money.

• Avoid long hot showers- On a cold morning a long hot shower feels so good doesn’t it? Well it might feel good at the time but it’s drying out your skin. Try short and warm showers instead and it will make a big difference.

• Pat Dry- When you get out of the shower pat dry your body instead of rubbing your skin dry with a towel and be gentle.

• Moisturize- Use your favorite shea butter cream and apply it when your skin is still moist from the shower. A good shea butter cream will help you trap some of that moisture in and help your skin stay hydrated.

• Reapply- Throughout the day apply lotion, especially to your hands. If you’re constantly washing your hands you have the potential for breaking your skin and opening up cuts- yuck! Moisturize frequently and use a product like Aquaphor at night with moisture enhancing gloves to seal in moisture and help repair super dry skin.

• Hydrate- Drink water! Hydrating your skin inside and out will do your body good.

• Exfoliate- Using a gentle exfoliating product that contains moisturizing ingredients like Vitamin E and natural oils will help to remove dead skin cells from your body. Check your labels and look for a product that won’t be harsh on your skin.

• Clear the air- It’s cold so we crank up the heat, right? More dry air will of course dry out your skin. So bring down the temp a bit at night (save on your bills while you’re at it) and use a humidifier to bring some moisture back into the air (helps with colds too!)


For dry skin conditions such as eczema, speak with your dermatologist for the best treatment.



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