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Kimberly KimbleHow does one manage to balance a career that includes being Beyonce’s personal hairdresser, owning a salon and developing a haircare line? We asked Celebrity Hair Stylist Kimberly Kimble because she masters it all! With clients that include Mary J Blige, Vanessa Williams and Shakira she must be doing a lot of things right. Find out how she balances everything and what she thinks is the most important piece of advice an artist can receive.

YBI: Your mom and grandmothers were hair stylists, did you always know you wanted to follow in their footsteps or was there a point when you thought about a different career choice?
KK: I practically grew up at the shampoo bowl – ever since I can remember I was assisting in my mother’s salon. Hair has always influenced my life and something that has always come easy for me, but my dream was to become a fashion designer. I worked in a salon to put myself through fashion design school and discovered my true talents lie in the hair industry. Fashion is still one of my greatest passions; I am inspired daily to create new hair designs based on the latest fashion collections.

YBI: Who was your first celebrity client and how did you approach that situation to make sure all went well?
KK: In 1996 I was graciously given the opportunity to work as a hair consultant in the movie BAPS, starring Halle Barry, I didn’t have the chance to work directly with Halle, but I was given the opportunity to create and design all the wigs for the film. I continued working on movie sets with celebrities Including Austin Powers Goldmember, where I met Beyonce and eventually became Beyonce’s personal hairdresser. I have been with her for 7 years now and have had the chance to work with a number of women that inspire me including, Mary J. Blige, Vanessa Williams, Gabrielle Union, Kerry Washington and Shakira.

YBI: At what point in your career did you look for agency representation and why?
KK: Once I started working with celebrities, I felt agent representation was important. I needed someone booking and seeking out new work for me. An agent is an amazing tool to have.

YBI: You stress the importance of continuing education to hair stylists- what’s one piece of advice you received that helped you early on in your career?
KK: Mastering the basics is essential – but there is always more to learn. You get out what you put in.

YBI: What led you to develop Kimble Hair Care Systems?
KK: My grandmother was the inspiration for my haircare line, she often mixed her own homemade formulas for her clients back in the salon in Chicago. I simply followed in her footsteps and began developing my own. She was a nutritionist and knew the natural remedies for everything – she taught me how to help grow hair and keep it healthy. Clients raved about my yummy smelling concoctions and Kimble Hair Care Systems was developed.

YBI: With your haircare line and your salon, how do you manage your time so that you can still be available for shoots and other on-location projects?
KK: Balance is most [definitely] key, as well as a good team! I have a great team to manage my salon, and a great agent managing my schedule.

YBI: What’s next for Kimberly Kimble?
KK: This coming year, I will continue to grow my product line that recently launched in Target, more academy classes to teach women how to care for their hair, and soon open a New York Salon.





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