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PRODUCT REVIEW: Retro-Chic by Joshua

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Last Updated (Friday, 10 July 2009 12:36)

GlazzA Professional Hair Artist named Joshua Bernard wanted to develop a hair treatment system for restoring damaged hair, locking-in color and providing lasting protection against drying. Enter Retro-Chic by Joshua. Joshua Bernard along with two of the world's leading molecular scientists worked together to create the industry's first "Microcapsule Remediation System" for hair conditioning. Not only do the vitamins and anti-oxidants in these products protect the hair but they allow the products to last longer. Apparently tiny microballoons of vitamin E protect the highly active anti-oxidants and extend their shelf life. Who knew?!


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Last Updated (Monday, 29 November 1999 19:00)

moroccanoilReview by Sandie Torres, Editor

I came upon this awesome and magical styling product the old fashioned way, at the hair salon. For the past few years, this product has made my hair ultra shiny.  A little background on me- I fear oily hair so I must admit I was hesitant when my hairdresser first picked up the bottle. I was oh so pleasantly surprised. Apply to damp hair for styling then on frizzy days an extra dab throughout the day helps a great deal. The compliment I get the most when I use Moroccanoil is “your hair looks really healthy.” That’s the shine factor, love it! www.moroccanoil.com



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Last Updated (Monday, 08 June 2009 10:47)

Lash FoodConditioning and moisturizing your eyelashes…that makes a lot of sense! Mascara, false lashes, glue, eyelash curlers- our poor lashes need some love. Lash Food is here to save the day.

Using this product on your lashes nightly will result in stronger and healthier lashes in 2-4 weeks. Not only that but it doesn't contain harsh chemicals. In addition to your eye lashes, dab a little of this product on your eye brows to help create a smooth brow line.  www.lashfood.com.



Product Review: Mixed Chicks Leave in Conditioner

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Last Updated (Wednesday, 20 May 2009 14:22)

Mixed ChicksThere are women everywhere looking for this product! We had several people test out this product for us- all have different hair but can be considered to have “mixed” or “in between” curly hair types. Our results: All product testers LOVED the products. This is an important review, we think beauty pro’s and consumers alike should know that this product line exists. If you have curly hair but find products either weigh down your hair or on the opposite end of the spectrum just don’t fight the frizz or accentuate your curls…Mixed Chicks are the products for you.

Here’s what one of our testers had to say… “I liked that it made my curls more defined without making them hard and ‘crunchy’ like a lot of other products do. My hair feels really soft and nourished, not dried out. And the Hair Silk made my hair look shiny, which I find doesn't happen all the time with curly hair.”
The line also includes shampoo, deep conditioner, products for men and kids too. Oh, and did we mention that Halle Berry is a big fan of the line?

  • Mixed Chicks Leave in Conditioner/Styling Cream: Work through wet hair, air dry and style. Blocks frizz and tames naturally curly hair. $16.99
  • Hair Silk: Shines and finishes, smoothes fly-aways, works on straight hair too! $11.99

Get Mixed Chicks products on their website or find salons and stores in your area: www.mixedchicks.net.


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