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Last Updated (Wednesday, 27 April 2011 08:30)

Body ShopThe Body Shop announced its new eco-conscious range of Shower Gels for Earth Lovers and kicks off its Earth Lovers Three-Minute Shower Challenge. The campaign will raise awareness about water conservation and challenge consumers to take a more eco-friendly shower.

By pledging to take the Earth Lovers Three-Minute Shower Challenge, the average person would save nearly 50 gallons of water with each shower or 18,000 gallons a year. A typical showerhead uses roughly 7 gallons of water per minute (Source: Michigan State Government Water Conservation Website).

A recent national survey conducted by The Body Shop reveals some stark findings. Did you know that the average person uses 70 gallons of water in their 10-minute shower? That's 1,120 8 oz bottles of water.

Consumer Shower Habits Revealed

•34% of consumers polled think that a 10-minute long shower wastes only 10 gallons of water
•67% of consumers polled admit to spending a maximum of 10 minutes in the shower
•44% of consumers polled would be willing to cut their shower times by 1-4 minutes
•53% of consumers polled believe that they could get clean in a three-minute shower

The Earth Lovers Three-Minute Shower Challenge urges consumers to cut down their shower time to three minutes, thereby drastically reducing theirThe Body Shop environmental footprint. The campaign coincides with the launch of The Body Shop Shower Gels for Earth Lovers, a 100% biodegradable shower gel range infused with a blend of herb and fruit extracts and containing Community Fair Trade organic aloe vera from Guatemala. Through this exciting new initiative, The Body Shop promotes a more environmentally sensitive shower experience.

Everyone is encouraged to pledge to take The Body Shop Earth Lovers Three-Minute Shower Challenge by tweeting @thebodyshopusa or visiting The Body Shop USA Facebook page.

"We know that taking a shower in just three minutes sounds challenging, but our goal in launching this campaign is to start a discussion.  Even if three minutes seems unlikely, why not try and reduce your daily shower by three minutes – you can save up to 21 gallons of water per shower! For those who are up to the challenge, one fun approach is to lather, rinse and repeat to your favorite three-minute tune. The challenge is making sure you're all rinsed off before the song ends. Ultimately, we want everyone to play their part in water conservation and these are some easy ways to make a difference," stated Shelley Simmons, Director of Brand Communications and Values, The Body Shop. "At The Body Shop we strive to protect our planet and encourage our consumers to do the same."


Visit TheBodyShop.com for more info!

SOURCE: The Body Shop



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