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Boston Fashion Weekby Christina Mirabella

The Launch
2011 was a different year for Boston Fashion Week.  It is the first time that Boston made an actual home to house and display its local talent.  The home to the shows, known as “The Tent”, was erected in the Back Bay area of the city. On Sunday, the Tent featured “The Launch”. The launch featured designers and recent graduates of select schools such as Bay State College, Fisher College, Lassell College, Mt.Ida College, and The School of Fashion Design.

In order to be featured in the showcase, the designers were appointed by their professors as the students who they see with the most potential. After a long process of interviews and portfolio showings, 5 designers were picked to display their 12 piece collections.

The hairstyle for the evening, courtesy of Oriana Harris, Claudia Acevedo, Ivey Johnston, Lisa Kazakis, and Kim Bingham of the Marc Harris Salon, was a sleek and clean low bun with a middle part. Also overseeing the hair department was Krysten Deveaux who has worked with Joico for 10 years, and is an international Joico artist and part of the company’s design team.

The makeup for the show was done by the Your Beauty Industry Team. It was a smoky eye (sticking with more brown hues as opposed to the traditional black shades). Each designer had their own lip color, which somewhat reflected the overall mood and feel of their collection.

GeorgAnnette Chatterly decided on a rockin’ red lip to compliment her line. GeorgAnnette’s clothing was a little bit rock and a little bit retro. Her GeorgAnnette Chatterlyexpertly tailored leather jackets and intricate weaving patterns, made the pieces unique and trendy. With a line of mostly all red, white, silver, black and grey colors, a red lip was definitely the best way to top off her outfits.

Following the trend of the red lip, was Mishal Kizilbash.  The goal of Mishal’s collection was to combine her cultural heritage and her western upbirnging. Her designs consisted of elaborate headpieces, short dresses and shoulder pads that would make even the girls from Dynasty proud. The dark red lip added an almost Middle Eastern flare to the already gorgeous outfits.

On the complete other end of the spectrum was Candice Wu. With a line full of dresses combined with embellished masquerade type masks, Wu opted for her lip color to be gold lipstick with gold glitter dust on top. With masks like that, I think any other lip color would have been pale in comparison.

Another bold choice for lip color was in Christine Lam’s collection. Her choice: black. A solid black lip paired with tassle like earrings donned by each model, made Christine’s line one to remember. Her textile choices of lace, rope trim, and chains only added more treats for the eye to look at.

The final designer of “The Launch”, Karina Bresnahan chose a much more subtle peachy-pink lip color. Bresnahan’s line consisted of mostly bathingsuits and sportswear and was the only line to include hats. Her chunky jewelery and abstract patterns worked perfectly with a more natural, shiny lip.

Overall, the show was a great success. When industry experts can pair up with designers and successfully interpret what they are looking for, who can ask for more?!



Prajje 1983Prajje
Designer Prajje-Jean Baptiste was another great show on September 25th, 2011. 


Adding braids into his model’s hair, but keeping a strong middle part, proved to be an excellent choice to go along with Prajje’s bright color pallette.


The makeup look for this show was all about the lashes! Who doesn’t love some wildly bright and show stopping designs paired with over the top amazing lashes?! Absolutely genius!


Monday, September 26th, 2011 @ The BFW Tent

Victoria Dominguez Bagu
As the winner of “The Launch” at last year’s Boston Fashion Week, the city as a whole was on the edge of their seats waiting to see Victoria’s collection.

As a whole, the line had more of a business wear feel. High waisted, wide legged pants, paired with a variety of tops all staying within the color pallette of mustard yellow, hunter green, and white, the line was beautifully executed.

The makeup for the show (done by the Your Beauty Industry team) was a smoky eye with silver tones, a bold teal under the lash line, and some absoultely gorgeous lashes. Victoria chose a neutral lip(nude with gloss) which complimented her clothing perfectly.

The hair (provided by Salon Acote) was all about teasing. The models' hair was heavily backcombed and had a large, loose braid in the back.Marie Galvin: BFW


Daniel Faucher Couture
Anyone who knows Daniel Faucher’s work knows that his dresses are absolutely stunning. The collection was very elaborate in design, and some pieces were simply show stopping.

The makeup for Faucher’s show was a heavily winged eye(think Twiggy in the 60’s) with a red lip, and an extremely defined brow. Most models rocked high, full buns on the tops of their heads, while a few had french twists.

Marie Galvin: GALVIN-ized Headwear
As one of the few shows during Boston Fashion Week where a designer isn’t showing a collection of clothing, Galvinized headwear by Marie Galvin was definitely a show to be remembered. Marie’s showcase was to display her over the top, fashion forward hats. The clothes, shoes, and accessories were borrowed from Neiman Marcus.

Makeup for the show was a winged eye paired with a deep berry lip color.

Hair was styled into a sleek, super-straight, ponytail with a side part. Galvinized headwear’s hats are so extraordinary and unique that they were even featured at the Royal Wedding! From feathers, to swirls, and extremely detailed headbands, Marie Galvin’s show was one of the most artistically stimulating and interesting shows I’ve seen!










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